Well thanks to David Fish, you can now turn your Berzerk into a Frenzy. The hack consists of a small circuit board that plugs into the ZPU-1000 CPU board. With the flick of a switch, you decide which game you want to play. It's that easy! Well not really, you do have to build it. But in a few hours your friends will go from "no" to "whoa, you've got that - I'm over there!" I recently built the circuit and it took me about four hours and cost was about $25 or so. You can order everything from Digikey. Some things I would like to mention is make sure you line up connectors P5 and P6 before soldering them on. The layout schematic can lead you to get P5 and P6 confused. Remember P5 hooks up to J5 and P6 to J6 on the CPU board. As soon as one of you sends me a scanner, I'll scan some pictures of the hack in. : )

Download the complete FAQ, schematic kit + more.


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